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Master Rain Gardener - Tecumseh


Become a Master Rain Gardener – Spring 2024 In-person class!


Optional field trips and plant swap opportunities will be available to students. Potluck style snacks provided by staff and classmates.

The Master Rain Gardener class became a state-wide certification in 2015, and has spread to the Great Lakes western states including – gasp! – Canada! And Ohio! Over 1,200 rain gardens have been built by the industrious and spectacular Master Rain Gardeners since.

Meija Knafl became a fully certified Master Rain Gardener in spring of 2020. Her background in Wildlife Ecology and her work with the River Raisin Watershed Council provide her with insights into the water quality issues of the Great Lakes region. She can't wait to share her experience with budding Master Rain Gardeners!

More Information:

Questions about the class? Contact Meija Knafl

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