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Vanity causes many players to give themselves away, and some winners exploit their vanity by criticizing them.

“You were lucky to catch that ace on the last card.”

“I did not. I had it all the way.”

That fool gave away information that could be used against him

Since poker is a game of deception, players are naturally phony, but winners are smart phonies, while the losers are foolish ones. Winners project a false image to gain an edge, while losers do it for emotional reasons, especially to build their egos. A few phony “high rollers” play in games they can’t afford and take stupid chances hoping to be seen as “real gamblers.” Some even brag about their stupidity!

“I know the odds are against me, but I like action.”

“I knew you had me, but I called that bet because I don’t let anybody run over me.”

A few men play foolishly to “impress” a woman, but women rarely do it to impress a man. The men may usually play fairly well, but when a pretty woman sits down, they act like stupid teenagers on skateboards, showing off their machismo. “Look at all the crazy chances I’m taking. Aren’t you impressed?”

If she plays well, she is impressed, but not the way the show-off hopes. Instead, she thinks, “I’m going to beat the hell out of this idiot.”



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