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How it Works

Welcome to our Donation & Membership Page!

Looking to donate or become a member of the River Raisin Watershed Council?

We invite you to help support our efforts to protect and improve the water quality in the River Raisin Watershed by protecting, restoring and sustaining its wetlands, lakes, and tributaries.


We greatly appreciate your involvement with the community and local non-profits, like us!


Each donation gets counted as a membership. These donations are all tax-deductible, and you or your organization or corporation will receive a donation receipt by mail from us at the end of the year.

Donate Below! Or send Checks to 320 Springbrook Ave, Adrian MI 49221

Individual Donations

Non-Profit Donations

Corporate Donations

Supporter  $100 - $499

Partner  $500 – $1,000

Sponsor   $1,000 +

Thank you very much for your

tax-deductible contribution!


Required Minimum Distribution
IRA’s / 401k’s

Many of our members and associates are in a unique situation where at age 70 ½ the Federal Government requires them to take a distribution from their IRA or 401k if they are not already taking regular distributions from those plans. If the person is still employed and is still receiving regular wages, this distribution becomes part of their taxable income for the year distributed.

In order to reduce the taxable wages that would be taxed that year, a person may donate a portion of the required distribution to a charitable organization and use that amount donated to reduce the required distribution that will be taxed.

Consider donating a portion of your RMA to the River Raisin Watershed Council and let’s put that additional funding to work in partnering, protecting and preserving our valuable watershed! Talk to your financial advisor on the benefits of an RMA donation.


When donating, please provide our mailing address to your IRA plan provider: 320 Springbrook Ave Suite 102; Adrian, MI 49221

Our Supporters

Darrin O'Brien

Matt Claucherty

Jennifer Wrzesinski

Dave Maxwell

John & Rebecca Collins

Gerald Schorin

Denise Rock

Taylor Williams

Kim Hyde

William Blackerby

Eric & Trudi Cooper

Patricia Sturk

Laurie & Jim Isley

Catherine Sala

Aubrey Musolf

Mike Ayre

Lightcap Farm

John & Anne Farmer

Stephen & Tina May

Harry Sheehan

Sybil Kolon

Meija Knafl

KZ Bolton

Larry Feldpausch

Anthony Palazzolo

Christin Cifaldi

David Strayer

Taylor Williams

Todd Losee

Phillip & Linda Kittredge

John Calhoun

Pat Mason

Mike Herr

Marty & Hedi Kaufman

Leanne Czarnecki

Joel Rodriguez

Dr. Sherman & Julie Shultz

2022 Individual Members

2022 Corporate Donors


Recreation Department


Raisin River Land Trust

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Promo about The Stewardship Network and Grand-Raisin Conservation Community 

2022 Municipal Members

Blissfield Township

Cambridge Township

Charter Township of Madison

Charter Township of York

City of Milan

City of Monroe

City of Petersburg

City of Tecumseh

Clinton Township

Columbia Township

Deerfield Township

Dundee Township

Fairfield Township

Franklin Township

Freedom Township

Frenchtown Charter Township

Lenawee County

Macon Township

Manchester Township

Milan Township

Monroe County

Napoleon Township

Norvell Township

Palmyra Township

Pittsfield Charter Township

Raisin Charter Township

Raisinville Township

Riga Township

Rollin Township

Rome Township

Seneca Township

Sharon Township

Somerset Township

Summerfield Township

Tecumseh Township

Village of Blissfield

Village of Brooklyn

Village of Cement City

Village of Clinton

Village of Deerfield

Village of Dundee

Village of Manchester

Village of Onsted

Washtenaw County

Woodstock Township

We thank all of our supporters for their contributions toward a cleaner River Raisin.

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