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Teaches showing her students how to grow plants. Group of students working on an activity.

Classroom Programs

We'd like to come to your classroom!

Here's a few topics we cover:

  • Wild Wetland Exploration

    • An RRWC educator will give your class a tour of a wetland. We'll see what a wetland looks like, learn why they're important, how they function, and how we can protect them!

  • Water Water Everywhere

    • An RRWC educator will use a groundwater model to teach your class why what we do on land can affect the health of water above and below ground, how water moves below ground, and how water can get contaminated.


Let us know if you would like to schedule a field trip by emailing us the program you're interested in and a few dates/times that work for your class. Email us at

You can visit our YouTube channel to find some of our virtual field trips and other educational videos.

The Stormwater Model demonstrates different land uses and how they affect the flow of a river.

The Stormwater Model demonstrates different land uses and how they affect the flow of a river. Click here for a video about the Ward's Stormwater model.

Members and MIS Cares holding a check.

We purchased our Stormwater Model through a donation from MIS Cares. Thanks to Michigan International Speedway for their continued support!  

Reading in your Classroom

RRWC can read to your classroom! Here are the books we have that we can read to your class:

Let us know if you would like to schedule a book reading by emailing us at

Activity Handouts for Kids

Want to teach your kids in a fun way about the plants, animals, and insects that live in your neighborhood?


Check out our printable activity book, "Surfin' The Watershed", Cover pagesInside pages. Inside you'll find fun comics, games, puzzles, and trivia all about water, ecosystems, and other cool nature concepts.

Activity book pages.

K-12th Grade Wildlife Programs

Registration for K-12th grade wildlife programs for Michigan educators

The Department of Natural Resources has free educational opportunities to help educators looking for a fun way to integrate Michigan’s unique flora and fauna into their curriculum, while still meeting required educational standards.

Michigan's Project Learning Tree is a great way to integrate a wide range of environmental and natural resource topics into the classroom. Teachers attend a workshop and receive materials and activity guides. More info here.

Teach your students how important our native Michigan wildlife is through a variety of programs. There are different programs for multiple grade levels including:

  • Go Wild For Michigan's Wildlife (K - 5th)

  • A Year in the Life of a Michigan Black Bear (6th - 8th)

  • Elk University (9th - 12th)

  • Michigan's Wondrous Wetlands and Waterfowl (6th - 8th)

Most are free and include guides for the educators. Learn more here

Explore additional DNR education and outreach opportunities and resources at

More information at

Outdoor Education, kids with magnify glasses looking closely at nature.

Michigan Agriculture in the Classroom

If you'd like your class to learn more about agriculture and some of the details about farming not usually taught to kids, this is the place for you:

On Michigan Agriculture in the Classroom's website, you'll find lesson ideas, agriculture facts to incorporate in your teaching, and other sites that offer similar tools. Not only that, there's a mobile FARM Science lab that can come to your school. Inside your students will do hands-on STEM-based activities for upper and lower elementary grades. Lessons in the FARM Science lab can range from identifying and labeling different parts of a plant, to exploring different soil types, to controlling bacterial growth in milk! Check out their website and have a farm day right outside your school's doors.

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