"Farmers Helping Farmers to Protect Water Quality"

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- To communicate benefits of conservation practices to the larger community

- To assist in educating landowners about BMP’s (best management practices)

- To promote more conservation practice implementation

- To bring more farms to MAEAP (Michigan Agriculture Environmental Assurance Program) verification

Best Management Practices (BMPs)

Cover Crops
Cover crops help to reduce erosion and increase fertility and water holding capacity of the soil. Cover crops can also help to manage the growth of weeds, disease and pests.
Filter Strips
Filter strips reduce erosion and increase water infiltration through the soil. This can help to reduce the amount of nutrients found in runoff that ultimately enters the Western Lake Erie Basin.
Crop Rotation
Crop rotation can replenish soil nutrients, leading to improved yield. It can also reduce common crop pests and diseases. Ted (left) and Matt (right) Hinderer of Chelsea won a Yield Hero Award for their 2014 corn crop. The corn was grown in rotation with soybeans the previous year. The corn crop required only 137 lbs of total nitrogen additions.
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