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Lake Erie Water Festival

May 2019

9:30 am – 2:00 pm

IHM Motherhouse

610 W. Elm St. Monroe, MI


The Lake Erie Water Festival is a day-long educational event for 6th grade students in Monroe County. Through hands-on activities and demonstrations, students will learn about water science, pollution prevention and sustainability concepts using the award-winning IHM green campus as a living laboratory.

Students will attend six different 25-minute educational presentations where environmental experts will share their knowledge with age-appropriate activities. We thank the following organizations for their contributions towards educating the next generation of sustainability leaders at the festival. They include:

 - River Raisin Institute

 - Monroe County ISD

 - U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service

 - Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner’s Office

 - Huron Clinton Metropolitan Authority

 - River Raisin Watershed Council

 - UM Dearborn Environmental Interpretive Center

 - IHM Sisters, and more!

Students explore benthic macro-invertebrates from the Raisin River at a learning station manned by the RRWC.

The Dirt Doctors from Oakland County Water Resources Commissioner’s Office teach about erosion control.

Dorothy McCleer from the UM Dearborn EIC teaches about historic Ribbon Farmers in Monroe, MI.

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