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Many volunteers and attendees enjoy the Water Festival.

River Raisin

Water Festival

1st Week of May

Day-long Field Trip to:

Adrian Dominican Sisters Campus

The River Raisin Water Festival is a new event in Lenawee County! It's similar to the Lake Erie Water Festival (created by the River Raisin Institute), focusing on 5th & 6th grade students from Lenawee County. Through hands-on activities and demonstrations, students will learn about water quality, the local flora and fauna dependent on healthy water, conservation of natural resources, and more topics focused on water and conservation.

Students will attend 6 different 25-minute educational presentations where environmental experts will share their knowledge with age-appropriate activities.

Many volunteers and attendees enjoy the Water Festival.

We thank the following organizations for their contributions towards educating the next generation of sustainability leaders at the festival. They include:


If you or your company would like to help sponsor this event, fill out a sponsor form and email to

The River Raisin Water Festival would not be possible without the dedication, planning, and support from these organizations:

Information on River Raisin Water Festival
2023 coming soon!

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