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Vernal Pools


Vernal pools are seasonal depressional wetlands that occur under the Mediterranean climate conditions of the West Coast and in glaciated areas of northeastern and midwestern states. They are covered by shallow water for variable periods from winter to spring, but may be completely dry for most of the summer and fall. 

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Get Involved

Come join Legacy Land Conservancy, River Raisin Watershed Council, and Pittsfield Township in learning about a magical yet common wetland; vernal pools! Vernal pools are wetlands that are small and often seasonally-flooded, meaning they do not contain water all year round. They play a critical part in maintaining the health of our northern forest ecosystems, yet they often get overlooked and little is known about them. By partnering with Michigan Natural Features Inventory (MNFI), you can become a part of the state-wide citizen science program, The Michigan Vernal Pool Patrol (MVPP), in gathering information on the distribution and status of vernal pools.


This is Legacy Land Conservancy's first year as a MVPP partner. Having been trained in surveying for vernal pools, we are in the process of mapping them on our preserves. On April 13th from 10-12:30 am help us in exploring the vernal pools on Legacy’s Lloyd and Mabel Johnson preserve where we will be promoting the protection and understanding of vernal pools through identifying vegetation and animal indicators. Be prepared to get wet by bringing your muck boots or waders as we will be collecting water samples and looking at what we find under microscopes. This event is for people of all ages with a curiosity to look deeper into the biodiversity these unassuming pools contain.  


When: April 13th from 10-12:30 am 

Where: We will be meeting at the Lillie Park Parking lot (4365 Platt Road; Ann Arbor, MI 48108) and then walk over to the adjacent preserve.

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